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3 FibreReed Oboe Reeds by Charles easy no warm up

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-02-27)
Price : US $25.01

3 FibreReed Oboe Reeds by Charles   easy  no warm up

You're bidding on Three (3) New FibreReed Oboe Reeds  - MEDIUM STRENGTH - from The Charles Double Reed Company. These reeds need no warm up, last longer than wood, and sound good for students or outdoor concerts.  We do not offer harder or softer strengths on eBay. Please visit our website for our full product line.

FibreReed is a special process material designed for correct oboe cane-like vibration and sound. Using this material, there are no worries about splitting the reed, the usual breakdown of wood from the day-to-day action of playing, and as an added bonus - these reeds are ready to play as soon as you pick them up. They will respond to warm water by loosening up a bit, but soaking is not necessary.

Many players use these as backups for that tragic moment when your wood reed splits before a concert, or when you are playing in a windy outdoor concert, and you don't want to stress out your good wooden reeds. Keep a few in your reed case as the best form of reed insurance.

These reeds list for $48.00 on our website.

Here's what a teacher/performer wrote to us recently:

''It looked exactly like what we usually call a ''plastic'' reed....So for 0.00001 second, I was disappointed.

But you are a man of good business practice with great educational background. So without delay,

I tried it IMMEDIATELY. (literally, I almost burned my dinner!) This thing IS different!

Here are the things I always longed for a ''plastic reeds'' and this r

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2010-02-27)

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