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Patricola CL2 Bb clarinet very

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-01-11)
Price : US $828.88

Patricola CL2 Bb clarinet very Patricola CL2 Bb clarinet very Patricola CL2 Bb clarinet very Patricola CL2 Bb clarinet very

At the time I purchased this horn I owned 2 Buffet R13's. On the clarinet forums the Patricola name kept coming up with all positive comments. I decided to give it a try out of curiosity. Immediately noticed a huge difference in quality and features. The Patricola uses metal rings on the tenons, a feature found only on the most expensive of the Buffet models. The alt Eb/Ab key was a definite plus. The Patricola also utilizes a Bb thrust key. This is an extra key that opens to make the Bb less stuffy and better in tune. And one of my favorites is the many adjustable keys so you don't have to go to the tech every few months. I am primarily a sax player and need to play a clarinet mouthpiece with a relatively short facing. I emailed the Patricola brothers about making a short barrel that would match the bore of the CL2. They were more than happy to help. They said 62mm was the shortest they could go without changing the response of the CL2. I now have the ability to play on some of the longer facings while keeping my pitch up. The CL2 comes with 2 barrels and I will include this third barrel. It was made to properly maintain the taper of the CL2. I encourage you to poke around on the internet and find out about this horn. They are very popular in Europe and to me a better horn than the Buffets. ( Sold both of my R13s ) Weiner music shows the price of these around 2600. I don't know what they are worth used so I will start with a low price and let the Ebay community decide. The finish on the keys is 100%. Clarinet comes in a Protec case and no other accessories. Good luck and Happy (New Year) bidding.

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2010-01-11)

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