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Vintage Harrison Ligature with original case

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-15)
Price : US $159.50

Vintage Harrison Ligature with original case Vintage Harrison Ligature with original case Vintage Harrison Ligature with original case

Back when I was in high school (in 1981) I was in the band.  Our band teacher was a tyrant. He was a good enough tyrant that the high school band did end up getting to march in both the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington DC and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC.  One day he decided the entire woodwinds section should be using a Harrison ligature because they would make us sound better.  For only $20 (at the time) I purchased this beautiful gold plated ligature for my clarinet.   Less than 8 months later I was done with band.  I never was a really good clarinet player,  guess if you want to play decent you have to practice,  hmm,  who'd a thought.  I guess maybe that's why the teacher didn't like me. So I packed my clarinet away, never to be thought of again.  Until 18 years later,  with my own child now involved in band.  I dragged out the clarinet to check out what condition it was in (if interested in an 18 year old clarinet that needs new pads let me know and I can list that too, lol).  Low and behold,  in the clarinet case is still my gold plated Harrison Ligature in the original case.  Since my daughter has chosen the flute to play,  I couldn't see packing it away again when someone else could use it.

It is in beautiful condition.  It's been in storage for the last 18 years and was only really used a couple of times a week for about six months before getting put away,  if even that much

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2009-12-15)

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