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1933 Lady Face 'Transitional' C G Conn Ltd NAKED LADY

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-12)
Price : US $687.00

1933 Lady Face

 Vintage 1933 Alto Saxophone
Crafted by C.G. Conn LTD.

Manufacturer : C.G. Conn Ltd.Manufacture Date : 1933Model : 'Transitional' (Tranny) ''Lady Face''Pitch : LowSerial # : M257XXX
Sale of M257189 : As is with no warranty.

History of this Sax : This Rare Alto Saxophone was purchased by my grandfather in the early 60's.  He played it in the military and also in college.  The last time he played it was about 10 years ago.  It has been stored since then. About This Model :
The model is known as the 'Transitional',
because it bridged the gap for a couple years between the Chu Berry horns
and what we have come to call the 'M' series. The serial number range for
these Transitional Conns is 240,000 to 259,999. These are fine saxophones
that are very highly regarded. They usually sell for more than their 'M'
model counterparts. Part of this is rarity (only about 20,000 made, all
together), and part is that they play and sound so well. The engravings
on them vary a lot, from plain, to art deco patterns, to
the later 'lady face' such as this pattern, also seen on the 'M' horns. The altos differ
from the 6M in that they don't have an articulated G# and in that they
have an adjustable thumb rest. Like the 6M, the 'Trannys' have the left
bell holes and the underslung octave mechanism. There are other distinctions,
but those are the easily recognizable ones.

Tranny' Conns were
built from late 1930 through the end

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2009-12-12)

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