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Original Handmade Guardala Gold Plate Tenor Mouthpiece

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-11)
Price : US $695.00

Original Handmade Guardala Gold Plate Tenor Mouthpiece Original Handmade Guardala Gold Plate Tenor Mouthpiece

Fantastic Mouthpiece, if you are looking for an original Handmade Dave Guardala Gold Plated Studio Mouthpiece, then here is the piece you want. I prefer this to the MB I & II mouthpieces in that the handmade studio model has the edge, that distinctive Brecker sound, with more richness, balance, and versatility. Not only does this piece scream in the altissimo, but has a fat bottom and can whisper the Bb, B, C#, C without effort. Loads of warmth, depth, color, power, range and dynamics here. This piece is in absolutely great shape, not mint as in not ever used, but excellent with perfect tip, rails, baffle, table. The piece still has the original bite plate, with no bite marks (always used a tooth guard). The gold plate is 98% , looks as great as it plays. The mouthpiece also comes with the original mouthpiece cap.
No modifications here, this piece is all original. I’m not sure how it could be improved.
Dave engraved his initials in the shank of the piece, but the engraving as on most handmade Guardalas is faint, but readable.
The difference between a handmade by Dave Guardala himself mouthpiece, vs the Laser Trimmed models available on the market at WWBW and others is night and day. No comparison at all. In addition, this piece is a great investment, as it’s value will only increase.
I have two, both so awesome that I cannot tell the difference between the two, and have only decided to sell one in order to help make a Mark VI tenor purchase.
I have begun the bidding at a very low reasonable price of $500 (way under market value) with no reserve. Buyer pays shipping%2

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2009-12-11)

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