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Morales Backun Clarinet Barrel Grenadilla 66mm

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-05-29)
Price : US $112.50

Morales Backun Clarinet Barrel  Grenadilla 66mm Morales Backun Clarinet Barrel  Grenadilla 66mm

I purchased this barrel last winter for my B-flat clarinet. This piece really turned me on to Backun products. I was looking for a barrel that would not infringe upon the playing ease of my R13 Vintage, while adding some depth to the sound that my rather strange Pyne is always lacking. I had tried many barrels that added as many negative effects as positive ones. I could never find a barrel that would simply add to the good things already there... until this one. It blew me away. This barrel articulates magnificently, with a moderate resistance that makes it easy to add a roundness and a bounce to the character. It evens out the resistance over the registers, and soars through the upper altissimo (A6 and above) with an unusual grip on these very tricky notes. It thickens the sound of the chalumeau and rounds out the clarion.

So, what doesn't the barrel do? (or, Why am I selling it?) Well, after testing it in a number of performance settings, I find that at soft dynamics the tone and intonation of the throat register is harder to manage compared to my stock barrel. This is more a result of my asymmetric mouthpiece and (more so) my own playing weakness, but considering the retail value of the barrels, it's not worth it to let it sit in my case while I have a better playing experience on my stock. At the moment I am more concerned about finding a more reliable Pyne, and simply improving my personal abilities. I wouldn't mind keeping it, but right now I can't really afford to keep a barrel of this value as anything but a primary. It's a wonderful

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2009-05-29)

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