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Industrial Didgeridoo Travel Bag: Yucca Agave others

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-01-30)
Price : US $79.00

Industrial Didgeridoo Travel Bag: Yucca Agave others Industrial Didgeridoo Travel Bag: Yucca Agave others

The Industrial Grade Didge Bag

As a didge player and designer, it was desirable to have a bag that could protect my awesome didges, whether toting em to a drum circle at the beach or checking the didge as luggage, thats what I wanted.  After a few fatal internet searches for such a bag, the decision was made to make em from scratch.  Besides, degodidges instruments have rather large horns can often be curved.  Thus, a new design was in order.  After a couple iterations with a prototyper, an awesome didge bag was hatched.

The bag needed to meet the following design constraints:

1.  Show no dirt,  tear resistant, easy to carry:  so its black and rugged nylon on the exterior with an adjustable padded shoulder strap, swivel quick release hardware.  The case somewhat holds its shape when the instrument is removed to give you an idea of the firmness. There is a convenient handle as well.

2.  Protect the didge:  A custom material was used that thermally bonds the exterior dirt-resistant tough Cordura to a sheet of foam, and then finally on the inside is a soft felt type material bonded to the nylon.  Thus its a custom 3-ply construction.  Only velcro was allowed as zippers tend to scratch stuff when taken in/and out of the bag.  Also, the design needed to minimize the instrument from moving around--a more custom fitted appearance rather than a stick in a potato sack look.  Also, there needed to be re-inforcements at the mouthpiece and th

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2009-01-30)

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