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Yamaha Bassoon Super Bocal LQQK NEW

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-01-15)
Price : US $299.99

  Yamaha Bassoon Super Bocal   LQQK    NEW   Yamaha Bassoon Super Bocal   LQQK    NEW   Yamaha Bassoon Super Bocal   LQQK    NEW   Yamaha Bassoon Super Bocal   LQQK    NEW


-NEW protective case

-NEW silver cloth

Yamaha Bassoon Bocal

C Type - This configuration has a smooth, consistent feel from the lowest to highest tones for excellent playability. The C type bocal features extremely accurate intonation with rich tonal character. This is the ''standard'' Super Bocal model, and is an ideal choice for all-around playing.


Bassoon bocals are normally constructed from either brass or nickel silver. Nickel silver is the standard Super Bocal material because of its well-controlled resonance and superior projection characteristics. Nickel silver is also highly resistant to corrosion for extended life and durability.

Yamaha offers a choice of three types of finish to match individual musical requirements: Silver plate

(standard), Hamilton plate. Hamilton plate - an alloy of gold and nickel - is extremely resistant to wear and

discoloration, and delivers a powerful tone with excellent projection. Nickel plate is an ideal match for brass bocals, giving the overall soun

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2009-01-15)

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