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naiuwa didjeridu didgeridoo handmade australian

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-12-13)
Price : US $280.00

naiuwa didjeridu didgeridoo handmade australian naiuwa didjeridu didgeridoo handmade australian

naiuwa! didjeridu key of D perfect, three dugongs (manatee like) burned and painted, a copyright sign and naiuwa 2007 burned on the bottom edge.  4 foot 1.5 inches long, mouthpeice end is 2 5/8 in. wide.  bell end is 4 1/4 inches wide.  good base for a D due to the wider bore and a good deep gravely sound with other tones. termite hollowed.  cut and crafted by a family of aborigine tribesman and not a bunch of guys with chainsaws and hard hats clearing an acre at a time.  thick side walls and small bore opening are signs of this clear cut process that is bad for the land and locals but people still sell them allover the net including ebay.  even if you dont buy this didje from me, please dont one of those clear cut ones.  selling part of the collection due to the economy.  there is a small hairline between the n and the a on naiuwa that does not go through.  it was there when i bought it new last year for $580, sealer was applied right after the purchase and its held perfectly.  the white line in the photo is the light reflecting off the sealer.  the actual hairline is black and not at all as visible.  good luck

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2008-12-13)

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