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Vintage 30/40s Selmer L Full Boehm Clarinet

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-08)
Price : US $900.00

Vintage 30/40s Selmer L Full Boehm Clarinet Vintage 30/40s Selmer L Full Boehm Clarinet Vintage 30/40s Selmer L Full Boehm Clarinet Vintage 30/40s Selmer L Full Boehm Clarinet

Selmer L Series full Boehm clarinet with articulated G#. Serial L7***. Both joints have the same serial number. I cannot detect any cracks or repaired cracks. Wood and tenons look very good and based on quite a bit of experience in looking at horns of a similar vintage, this one has very good wood and metal.

This clarinet is from the 30/40s and was made at about the same time as the Selmer Balanced Tone (BT) clarinets and just before the Centered Tone (CT) models. From my research, it appears that the bore design on the L series was the same as that of the BT models and it is not clear if there were any real differences between them except for the special branding Selmer seemed to be doing at the time (Balanced Tone, Radio Improved, etc.). Notice that this is a full Boehm model with an extra little finger, right-hand key for Eb/Bb. It is also an articulated G# model (notice the hole in the tenon for the top joint that aligns with the hole in the lower joint). At the time this clarinet was made, it was the full-deal, top-of-the-line model from Selmer and probably was manufactured in small quantities up until the Germans took over the Selmer factory.

This is the classic, big bore Selmer clarinet of the period. It is free blowing, a little edgy, kind of bright, and definitely has a big sound. This particular horn is a real player. It could be a ''collector'' but the beauty of this one is that it really sings.

The instrument was recently repadded and has been played only minimally since it was fully overhauled including oilin

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2008-10-08)

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