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Uilleann Pipes Seth Gallagher D set

Sold ! This woodwind is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-10)
Price : US $2,225.

Uilleann Pipes   Seth Gallagher D set Uilleann Pipes   Seth Gallagher D set

A couple of months ago I had the good fortune of receiving this lovely Uilleann Pipes practice set in D from Seth Gallagher. I'd been on Seth's waiting list for a year or two and was delighted to receive it. It plays beautifully and is a wonderful example of Seth's artistic and functional workmanship.

The set is made of ebony, artificial ivory and brass and has two extra keys for C natural and F natural. Key blocks are in place for additional keys should the buyer wish to add them at some point. Drones and regulators can also be purchased from Seth (there will be a wait) should the buyer wish to upgrade to a half or full set.

So, why would I part with such a lovely set? Well, good fortune has smiled on me again recently and I have also acquired a half set of pipes. Sadly, having but two hands, I cannot play both sets at once and so thought it best to let my own good fortune become the good fortune of someone else. :)

So, here is your chance to get a like new Gallagher practice set immediatley. Seth's waiting list, and pricing information can be seen here: http://uilleann.com/pipes.html

When I'm not practicing my pipes or working as a veterinarian (the second vocation pays better than the first) I also run The Irish Flute Store (Google me).

So, if you're a bit short of cash but have a nice flute, whistle or set o' pipes you'd like to use as part of all of the price of this set, send me an email and we'll get it sorted out before you bid.

Should I get a really great offer before the reserve is met, I'll cancel this auctio

Sold ! This woodwind is sold (sold on 2008-08-10)

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